Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

ITAL 101: Italian I

Fall 2012

Office Hour: By appointment (Room 114)

Meeting Days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Meeting Place: TBA



Course Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the Italian language. Emphasis will be placed on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and grammar sufficient to support these. Through in-class activities and homework assignments, students can also expect to learn about modern Italy, including geography, culture, history, and society. Given the unique cultural context in which this course is placed, students will be particularly encouraged to begin speaking Italian outside the classroom as soon as possible.


Learning Outcomes

Class meetings will center on developing communicative ability, and will be supplemented with in-class activities as well as reading, listening, and visual material.


Upon completion of Italian 1, students should attain a level of competency sufficient to:

  1. Utilize basic essentials of Italian grammar in speaking and writing with a high level of precision. Specifically, students should be able to:
    1. Provide and obtain information on a range of practical topics (e.g., preferences, needs, interests, descriptions) and in a variety of situations (e.g., transportation, greetings, introductions, obtaining and discussing food and lodging, carrying out simple transactions);
    2. Convey emotions and express feelings;
    3. Provide and obtain information on such topics as personal/family background, preferences, interests, and daily routine.
  1. Read, with basic understanding simple stories, brochures, signs, songs.


Course Requirements

In order to attain the learning outcomes outlined above and to ensure that the course proceeds efficiently, students are encouraged and expected to:

  1. Attend class.
  2. Participate actively and constructively in class both with the instructor and other students;
  3. Take all quizzes and exams, and complete assignments on their scheduled dates and at their scheduled times. (Make-up quizzes and exams will be provided only in accordance with Rome Center policy regarding excused absences (see absence policy);
  4. Complete homework assignments on their due date;
  5. Comport themselves in a manner conducive to learning and with respect for other students;
  6. Speak Italian as requested during class meetings.




Daily attendance is required. Not attending class will lower a student’s grade for several reasons (e.g. lack of participation, missed clarifications and explanations, etc).

Please note that only two unexcused absences are allowed; any supplementary unexcused absence will affect your participation and, thus, each unexcused absence that a student accumulates after the second one will reduce her or his final grade by 3% (e.g., if a student’s pre-absence grade calculation is 92%, with 5 absences the grade reduces 9 percentage points to 83%, resulting in a drop in the final grade from A- to B-).

Punctuality is strictly required- every two delays is marked absence. The lack of punctuality affects also the class participation (see below).

Travel plans, missing a plane or having one’s flight canceled, visiting relatives, friends, etc., cannot be accepted as valid reasons for absences; only notes authorized by the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Director of Students and the Director of Residence Life will be acceptable to allow a student to be excused from class.


It is the student’s responsibility to inform herself or himself of homework assignments, class notes, etc. in the event of absence.




** Students are also strongly urged to purchase an Italian-English dictionary (pocket/travel dictionaries are unsuitable).


Means of Assessment

The final grade will be determined on the basis of the following criteria, and grades will be assigned according to the following scale:


               Grading Scale                                        % of final grade



A              100-95 %

A-            94-92

B+           91-88

B             87-84

B-            83-80

C+           79-77

C             76-73

C-            72-70

D+           69-65

D             64-60

F              59 and below


Class participation                      10%

Homework                                  15%

Compositions (4-6)                     10%

Oral Presentations (2)                10%         

Quizzes (4)                                 20%                

Midterm Exam                             15%                

Final Exam                                  20%   



















Final Exam

Those students who cannot attend the final exam session will receive a grade of 0 (zero) on the final exam (except those students with a valid excuse; see absence policy), and the final grade will be calculated accordingly.




Knowledge of the University’s academic integrity guidelines will be taken for granted (also refer to Loyola University of Chicago Undergraduate Studies Catalogue). In addition to the Loyola University policy on academic honesty, the following rules apply:

- students may not ask friends, relative or native speakers to complete their assignments;

- students may not distribute or communicate materials prior to an exam.

Every student must familiarize herself or himself with the rules referring to academic integrity as outlined in the Loyola University Chicago Undergraduate Studies Catalogue. Knowledge of the University’s academic integrity guidelines will be taken for granted.



CLASS SCHEDULE (the following schedule is subject to modification)

*Please note that there will be no make-up lessons given the language component of the general orientation.



Italian Espresso

Linguistic function



Grammar / Structure

Means of Assessment

Sep 3/4/6


ch. ,“primo incontro” ch.

Introducing yourself / spelling/ greetings

alphabet, stress, geminates, gn, gl, differences betw. English and Italian

ntroduction to course / overview of sound system / basic communicative expressions /


Sep 10/11/13




numbers 0–49 / sound-spelling correspondences /introductions/ days of the week/directions/present tense of essere/


Sep 17/18/



ch. 1/2

describing someone/geographic information


c’e’/ci sono/gender and plural of  nouns/definite and indefinite articles/ interrogative pronouns/ adjectives


Sep 24/25/27


ch. 2



present tense of avere / idioms


Oct 1/2/4

ch 3

at the Italian University

a reading about the Italian University

regular verbs ending  in –are- present tense


Oct 8/9/11


ch. 3



Simple and articulated prepositions


Oct 15/16/


ch. 4

at the restaurant: vocabulary


regular verbs ending  in –ere and ire  present tense/ verbs with the – isc form

Oral Presentation 1




Oct 19-28

Fall semester break



Oct 29/30

Nov 1


ch. 4

at the restaurant: how to order something




Nov 5/6/8


ch. 5

on the phone: how to make a conversation

 discussing leisure activities

irregular verbs ending in – are/ days of the week/ months of the year/ numbers 50-100 and above





ch. 6

describing your family


irregular verbs ending  in –ere and ire  present tense / modal verbs

Quiz 3



ch. 6-7


musical activity

sapere and conoscere / possessive adjectives / direct pronouns / introduction to passato prossimo tense with avere






Nov 21-25

Thanksgiving recess





ch. 7

at the train station



passato prossimo tense with avere and irregular past participles / passato prossimo tense with essere / irregular past participles

Quiz 4

Dic 3/4/6


ch. 7

means of transportation in Italy


adverbs of time/ the time.   Review.


Dic 8, 10-13






Final Exams