Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

ITAL 250 Composition & Conversation

Fall 2013


              Loyola University –Chicago- “ JOHN FELICE” Rome Center –FALL  2013



Class meetings: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5:00 – 5:55 p.m.

Class location: Room 118.

Instructor: Dr. Maria Palladino

Office: Room 115

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: by appointment.


Additional readings: Marco Lodoli “ Isole “, selected stories from Leonardo Sciascia, Alberto Moravia, Italo Calvino.


Course description:  Italian 250 is an integration  and refinement of what students have learned in

previous Italian courses(102/103/104/.) THIS COURSE IS ENTIRELY TAUGHT IN ITALIAN.


Materials to be used:

In addition to the articles taken from Italian newspapers and magazines, this course will mainly deal with linguistic analysis through the above mentioned readings. This choice has been made for the following reasons :first, the stories are not  long and will not discourage students; second,  Sciascia’s Moravia’s, Calvino’s language is an extraordinary example for the students to imitate.

Their language will certainly help them better understand and appreciate Italian phonology lexis,

syntax and register.

NOTICE: the choice of the material generally depends on the command  of the language the  students have as they come from different universities and very frequently they have unequal level of preparation.                           


Course objective:

The objective of Italian 250 is to familiarize students not only with the language but also with the Italian culture, especially regarding some still unsolved social problems in Sicily. The approach to these writers should heighten interest, enrich vocabulary and serve as the starting point for discussion and conversation in class. 

The objective of this procedure is to help students reach an active command of written and oral language.


Attendance is mandatory to all students enrolled in the course. In the case of more than six unjustified absences, students will receive “an attendance warning” and the final grade will be lowered a letter grade.

In the case of more than six unjustified absences, students will receive an official notice”attendance

withdrawal” which means automatic failure.



All compositions must be typed, double spaced, and given to the instructor for the correction. The grade will be based on the following standards:

a)Quality of the first draft (mainly based on well constructed sentences) and the improvements made in the revised version according to the instructor’s suggestions: 50%.

b) Contents of the papers must be pertinent on the points read and discussed in class.

c) First draft and revised version must be handed in for the instructor to grade the work.    d )Topics for each composition are previously discussed in class.


                                CODE OF CORRECTION FOR COMPOSITIONS  


1)VOC= choose the right vocabulary.

2)Acc. Put accent if needed.

3)SP=   spelling.

4)GEN=  gender of the nouns.

5)NUM= plural/singular. 

6) ART= insert correct article (definite/indefinite).

7)PREP= insert correct simple preposition.

8)COMB PREP. =insert def. art.+ simple prep.

9)PRON=  insert direct/ indirect personal pronouns.(Mind the position in the sentence! )

10)ADJ=insert possessive( adjective/pronouns).

11)AUX= insert correct auxiliary verb in case of idiomatic expressions.(To have and to be.)Insert correct auxiliary verb in case of sentences in the past with  motion verbs or reflexive verbs.)

12) V/T= The difference between  past tense and imperfect.)

13) SUBJ= (hypothetical sentence)subjunctive or infinitive in the dependent clause.

14) COND= conditional/ subjunctive agreement with the main clause.

15) DUR.FORM= different use of tenses in Italian.( Da quando? )

16) FUT.= Future tense in a dependent clause.( use of the conditional in the past. ( Present or past?).

17) HYP SENT= Conditional and Subjunctive in a hypothetical sentence

18) INFINITIVE = After prepositions ( dopo, prima , senza,invece di, etc )

19)REPH = Rephrase/ Rewrite sentence in a simple correct way.


Final grade breakdown                                                                                                                      

-Attendance…………………………………………………………30 %

-10 Compositions…(  4% each)…………………………40%

-Debate in Italian about topics read in class……15%

-The hidden beauties of Rome through the students’ eyes. Itineraries previously discussed and negotiated with students. Final presentation.

( oral and written ).                                            15%   



Grading scale

A ________100-95 ___________  4.00 Excellent           

A-_________94-92____________ 3.67


B__________87-84____________ 3.00   good

B-_________83-80____________  2.67

C+________ 79 -77__________     2.33

C________    76- 73____________2.00 satisfactory

C-_________72-70_____________1.67  min. for pass /fail option.

D+________ 69-65_____________1.33

D__________64-60_____________1.00    poor.

F _________  59-0______________0.00  failure.   


Academic integrity.

The section on academic integrity is adapted from the Loyola University- Undergraduate Studies .    

                                     The instructor,  prof. Maria Palladino