Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

LITR 200 European Masterpieces

Fall 2013

LITR 200 – European Masterpieces – JFRC – Fall 2013 – Dr. Di Biagi

Course description:

Major European literary texts will be examined in an historical and cultural context and in their trans-historical, universal aspects that make them masterpieces. Students will understand how literary masterpieces help us develop consciousness of our experience.


Attendance is more than recommended. Students are expected to come to every class well prepared, & having read textbooks, pay attention, then contribute to the class discussion. Students should be familiar with the Honor Code of University Life, abide by its standards at all times, & expect similar behavior from their peers.


Personal experience of crisis and exile.

Readings            …and…            Films:

Tonio Kröger, Thomas Mann –> Tonio Kröger (Rolf Thiele, 1964)

Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad –> Apocalypse Now (Coppola, 1979)

The Stranger, Albert Camus –> The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo, 1966)

Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi –> Garden of Finzi-Contini (De Sica, 1970)

The Book of Laughers and Forgetting, Milan Kundera (only Part I)–> ?


Other choices for extra reading (choose one):

1.The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka                    2.The Late Mattia Pascal, Luigi Pirandello

3.A World Apart, Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski     3.Nausea, Jean-Paul Sartre

4.The Leopard, Tomasi di Lampedusa                5.The Mandarins, Simone De Beauvoir 

6.The Diary, Ann Frank         7.Death in Venice, Thomas Mann           8.1984, George Orwell

Grading scale and percentages:

Final grade is actually the result of reading texts, attending classes, studying, and “thinking”. The following scale and percentages will be used to evaluate the student’s work and performance: SCALE: A = 100-96  A- = 95-93  B+ = 92-91  B = 90-87  B- 86-85  C+ = 84-83  C = 82-79  C- = 78-77  D+ = 76-75  D = 74-72  D- = 71-70  F = Below 70; PERCENTAGES: Class particip.+Oral report: 20% -Quizzes: 20% -Midterm: 20% -Final: 20% -Research paper: 20%.



Sep.3 (TUE): intro, Europ. Lit., Lit. Analysis + intro to Tonio Kröger

Sep.5 (THU): Tonio Kröger

Sep.10 (TUE): Death in Venice

Sep.12 (THU): Death in Venice

Sep.17 (TUE): (Quiz 1) + intro to Heart of Darkness

Sep.19 (THU): Heart of Darkness

Sep.24 (TUE): Heart of Darkness

Sep.26 (THU): Apocalypse Now

Oct.1 (TUE): Apocalypse Now

Oct.3 (THU): (Quiz 2) + intro to The Stranger

October 4-13: FALL BREAK

Oct.15 (TUE): review/recap

Oct.17 (THU): Midterm Exam

Oct.22 (TUE): The Stranger

Oct.24 (THU): The Stranger

Oct.29 (TUE): The Stranger

Oct.31 (THU): The Battle of Algiers

Nov.5 (TUE): The Battle of Algiers

Nov.7 (THU): (Quiz 3) + intro to Survival in Auschwitz

Nov.12 (TUE): Survival in Auschwitz

Nov.14 (THU): Survival in Auschwitz

Nov.19 (TUE): Garden of Finzi -Contini

Nov.21 (THU): Garden of Finzi -Contini

Nov.26 (TUE): (Quiz 4) + oral reports (one novel selected from the list)

November 28-December 1: THANKSGIVING

Dec.3 (THU): oral reports (one novel selected from the list)

Dec.5 (TUE): oral reports, recap, conclusions, final exam

   Final Exam: December 7/12, Tuesd. or Thursd.(Room GL1, 9:00-11:00 or 11:30-1:30 or 3-5 PM)