Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

PLSC 300D / IntS 398 / PAX 397 - The History of European Security since WWII

Spring 2012

Course Description:

This course will chart the changes in European security over the past half century.  The first half will be mainly historical and will explore the most significant developments in East-West relations during the Cold War years, covering the essential features of the period such as the role of NATO, nuclear deterrence, arms control and détente.  Students will be invited to consider carefully whether there was an alternative to the Cold War and why ultimately the Soviet imperium collapsed, without the military confrontation that was for so long feared.  The second half of the course will be devoted to the analysis of the more fluid and turbulent European security scene of today.  Particular focus will be given to the collapse of Yugoslavia and the lessons that international organizations, such as NATO, UN, OSCE and EU, have learned in trying to stop ethnic violence and build viable new democracies.  Finally, the course will discuss new challenges such as the evolution of NATO–Russia relations and the launching of a European Defence Identity. 


Course Structure:

The course is based on class sessions consisting of lectures delivered by the instructor, as well as class discussions focusing on the topics under investigation and on current developments in European security.  Class participation and attendance are of the utmost importance and carry significant weight in terms of the final grade.  Students are expected to participate in ALL classes. 


Course Requirements:

1.      Midterm exam (essay format)                        25%

2.      Final exam (essay format)                   45%

3.      Class participation                               30%

Required Readings:

Dean Acheson                                     Present at the Creation

Sir Nicolas Henderson                         NATO’S Anxious Birth

Lawrence Kaplan                                The Long Entanglement

Robert McGeehan                              The German Rearament Question

Don Cook                                           Forging the Alliance

Condeleeza Rice & Philip Zelikov      Germany Unified and Europe Transformed

Michael Mandelbaum                         The Dawning of Peace in Europe

Richard Holbrooke                              To End a War

Ivo Daalder & Michael O’Hanlon      Winning Ugly: NATO’S War in Kosovo

William Showcross                             Deliver us from evil

Henry Kissinger                                  Diplomacy

Wesley Clark                                      Waging Modern War

Tim Judah                                           Kosovo


Additional Readings:

The course instructor can also assign readings on topic issues drawn from the media, periodical publications and journals, such as Foreign Affairs, International Herald Tribune, and Financial Times. 


Course Topics:

The beginning of the Cold War and the birth of NATO

The German rearmament question

The European Defence Community and the Warsaw Pact

The Helsinki negotiations: the creation of the CSCE

The end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany

Progressive adaptation of NATO to the new European reality: Partnership of Peace

The crisis in Yugoslavia

The Bosnian crisis

NATO’s enlargement and the Founding Act with Russia

The Kosovo crisis

The European security and Defence Identity

A further enlargement of NATO