Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

ANTH 100

Spring 2013

Loyola University Chicago – Rome Center

ANTH 100: Globalization and Local Cultures

Instructor: Rocco D'Ambrosio

Email: r.dambrosio@unigre.it

Personal websites: www.rocda.it


Course Presentation

Objective: This course is designed as an introduction to the concept of globalization and its recent history.

Contents: Our investigation will focus on the main social, economic, political, and institutional dynamics that animate the stage of the “global village.” Special attention will be devoted to the specific features underlying the cultural and political processes that connect the local to the global realm and vice versa.

Method: Standard lecture format, supplemented by text analysis, and followed by class discussion; use of online media; and guest lectures by experts in the fields of economics, law, political science and cultural studies.



-       BECK U., Was ist Globalisierung? Irrtümer des Globalismus – Antworten auf Globalisierung, Shuh. Verlag, Frankfurt 1999; English translation: What Is Globalization, 2000, Polity;

-       GIDDENS A., Runaway World. How Globalization is Reshaping our Lives, Profile Books, London 1999.           



Additional Readings will be made available, a) in electronic format, on the webpage of the Virtual Office, to which the lectures will also be uploaded, in Power Point format; and, b) in hard copy, as xeroxed handouts.