Loyola University Chicago

John Felice Rome Center

MUSC 101 The Art of Listening

Summer 2015 - Session I

Loyola University John Felice Rome Center

Summer 2015 (May 18-June 18)


MUSIC: Art of Listening

MUSC 101 – A01

M/W 9am – 12:20pm

Instructor: Haysun Kang, DM

Email address hkang2@luc.edu

Course Information

Course Description: 

Focus is on the acquisition and enhancement of listening skills through direct experience of musical works along with an examination of cross-cultural similarities and differences among musical styles. This course is also an onsite course; students will take field trips into Rome, attending concerts and visiting churches for their historical and artistic importance for music. This course can be used to satisfy the Communicative and Expressive Arts component of the Core Curriculum.



1. Listen with greater understanding, appreciation and enjoyment, and use basic music terminology and concepts to describe what you hear.

2. Be able to identify main musical styles

3. Be able to discuss basic elements of musical compositions

4. Know some representative pieces – recognize them, and be able to describe musical and historical details


Required TextbookExperience Music, 3nd Edition, with accompanying CDs (ISBN:   9780077505174).  Katherine Charlton and Robert Hickok, eds. 


Attendance to class is an essential part of the learning process. Attendance in every class is expected. More than two unexcused absence will result in the lowering of your FINAL GRADE by one increment per each absence. If you have a scheduled school-related activity, please let me know before the event.

Grading:  You will be graded on class attendance, class discussion participation, as well as written work and exams.  All grades will be averaged together equally according to points assigned for each piece of work.  Letter grades are figured into point totals as follows:

            A+ =100                      A = 95             A- = 92

            B+ = 88                       B = 85             B- = 82

            C+ = 78                       C = 75             C- = 72

            D+ = 68                       D = 65             D- = 62 


Preparation/participation         20%

2 Concert Reviews                   20%

1 Analysis Paper                      20%

Midterm Exam                          20%

Final Exam                               20%


Exams:  The exams will have a combination of objective and subjective questions, and may include essay questions. A music identification portion is included in the exams.

Concert Reviews:

1.  List all the works (composer, title, and other description if included in the program) heard at the concert or opera performance attended.  Be sure to include the date, conductor and place of performance.  These can be listed single-spaced.

2.  Include your response to each musical selection on the program.  What did you like, what did you not like?  Be sure to defend your answers.  In addition, what notable thing did you find in each work (symphony concert) by the orchestra?  If it was an opera, what arias by the singers impressed you?  With the performance of a multi-movement composition, provide you response to each movement, as well as the whole composition.

3.  Give your response to the work of the conductor and musicians of the orchestra.

4.  Give your response to the overall experience:  the success of the programming of the concert, the sound produced in the performance hall, the effectiveness of any descriptive material on the music provided by the program, etc.


Assignment and Exam Schedule

Date                            Topic                                                   Assigned Reading

5/18                 Elements of Music                                            Chapters 1 - 3             

5/20                 Music of the Medieval and Renaissance Chapters 4 - 5

5.25                 Music of the Baroque                                       Chapter 6 - 8

5/27                 Music of the Baroque, Classical; Review           Chapters 9 - 12

6/1                   Midterm Exam, Romantic                                 Chapters 16 - 20

6/3                   Romantic and 20th Century                               Chapters 21– 26


6/8                   Romantic and 20th Century                               Chapters 27-32           


6/10                 American and World Music                              Chapters 33 – 39

                        Paper due


6/15                 Review for final exam               


6/17                 Final Exam

                        Two Concert Reviews Due