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2015 JFRC Cusano Mutri Study Trip

JFRC took a study trip to Cusano Mutri (BN), in the region of Campania. JFRC students and staff went for the Sagra dei Funghi, hiked through glorious mountains, danced with locals, learned about the region’s history, learned how to make gnocchi and tagliatelle, and of course ate mushrooms for every meal. 
JFRC student, David Lee writes in detail about the trip:
 "When we arrived, first, we visited our hosts at the Villaggio Turistico, a small resort run by an elderly couple and a child named, Giovanni. Our hosts were beyond generous: they provided us with bread, meat, cheese, and some of the finest baked goods I have ever tasted in my years.
After our greeting, we headed toward Cusano Mutri. This small town is very homey, and it seems like everyone knew each other. We had our meals at the Sagra dei Funghi, or festival of mushrooms. They were absolutely delicious and every course was mushroom themed. Even the wine. Ok not the wine.
All in all, the trip to Cusano Mutri, a small village hidden in a valley surrounded by mountains, was undoubtedly beautiful, and one of the best immersion trips so far!"