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John Felice Rome Center


Making it to Mount Olympus

"Friday…we visited the gods on Mount Olympus. This hike took approximately 3 and 1/2 hours with a few short stops for photos and to get water from a stream in the holy cave of St Dionysus.

It was an insanely enjoyable hike, I really loved it. It was probably my favorite moment of the entire trip!

We stopped to admire beautiful creeks and waterfalls and eventually reached our destination…the partially ruined monastery of St. Dionysus! It is from 1542, but it was bombed by the Nazis during World War II. The guards were very kind and, after walking around the monastery on our own for a while, we sat together and ate little pies traditionally found in Northern Greece!

Greece seized me and I smiled so much. I am someone who doesn’t really know who I am. I have made so many beautiful friends here and I never want to forget a minute of this entire experience. Greece, Ioanna, Sander, Michael…thank you so much.

Greece…till next time. S’agapó polí polí."

Isabelle Parshall, JFRC Spring 2016

Video created by Lauren Capra, JFRC Spring 2016