Loyola University Chicago

Rome Studies Minor

Academic Requirements

Loyola’s Rome Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to capitalize on their study abroad experience by completing a cohesive and unified sequence of courses, using courses taken in Rome and other related courses taken in Chicago, particularly those that make Rome, Italy, or Europe an integral focus.

All students must complete either Rome Studies, ROST 300, Italy: Culture and Contexts (3 credit hours)
or ROST 370, International Internship: Focus on Rome (3 credits).

Five additional courses (15 credit hours) drawn from those listed as applicable to the minor must also be completed. No more than two courses may be taken in the same department. Cross-listed courses may be assigned to either department. At least three courses must be taken in residence at the John Felice Rome Center. A language competency of at least Italian 103 or Latin 102 (or the equivalent) must be attained.


 Double-Dipping Policy:

  1. Minors and interdisciplinary minors: not less than 8 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each minor; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one minor, not of more than one minor or major
  2. General exceptions to Rule 1 will be made if approved by the chairs/directors of the department(s)/program(s) housing each affected major and minor. A list of standing general exceptions will be maintained by the Dean's office.
  3. Individual student exceptions may be made in appropriate cases by department chairs and program directors.
  4. Departments and Programs may enforce stricter double-dipping policies than those stated above, which also should be provided to the Dean’s Office