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Students can choose from the following course options:

Rome Studies:

ROST 199: Topics in Rome Studies, Introductory
ROST 299: Topics in Rome Studies, Intermediate
ROST 300: Italy, Culture & Contexts (xlist GIST 302)
ROST 370: International Internship: Rome Focus (EL-Internship)*
ROST 381: Student Life Assistant Practicum
ROST 382: Human Rights: The View from Rome
ROST 390: Selected Topics in Rome Studies
ROST 399: Directed Readings in Rome Studies

Classical Studies:

CLST 207: Art of the Roman World (Artistic Knowledge)/FNAR 307
CLST 271R: Classical Mythology, Rome Focus (Tier 2 Literary Knowl)
CLST 276: World of Classical Rome (xlist ROST 276; Tier 2 Hist Kn)
CLST 277: World of Late Antiquity (Tier 2 Historical Knowledge)
CLST 334R/ANTH 334R: Introduction to Classical Archaeology, Rome/Italy Focus
CLST 348: Introduction to Museum Studies
CLST 362/PLSC 371: Roman Law (xlist ROST 362)
CLST 395: Topography of Rome (xlist ROST 395)
ENGL 318R: The Writing of Fiction: Writing Rome (Artistic Kn)

Fine Arts:

FNAR 200R, Art History: Prehistory to Renaissance in Rome (Art Kn)
FNAR 342: Art in Rome (xlist ROST 342)
FNAR 343: Baroque Art (xlist ROST 343)
FNAR 344: Early Italian Renaissance Art (xlist ROST 344)
FNAR 345: Italian High Renaissance and Mannerist Art (xlist ROST 345)
FNAR 367R: Architecture in Rome


HIST 308/CLST 308: History of Rome to Constantine (xlist ROST 308)
HIST 310: The Early Middle Ages, 600-1150
HIST 335: Italy 19th & 20th Centuries (xlist GIST 335, ROST 335)
HIST 339/CLST 318: Transformations of Rome in Late Antiquity


(All literature courses in Italian numbered 271 or higher)


LITR 260: Italian Masterpieces (xlist GIST 260)
LITR 264: Italian Film Genre (Artistic Kn; xlist GIST 264, INTS 264)
LITR 267: Italian Film History
LITR 268R: Italian Culture: Food & Wine
LITR 291: Italian Women Writers


(All literature courses in Italian numbered 271 or higher)
Literature in Translation


MUSC 154R: Introduction to Opera in Rome (Artistic Kn)


PHIL 277R, Aesthetics: the Aesthetic Experience in Rome (Tier 2 Philosophical Kn)
PHIL 288R: Culture and Civilization in Rome (Tier 2 Philos Knowl)
Political Science
PLSC 365: Italian Politics & Government (xlist GIST 365, ROST 365)


SOCL 267: Italy Today


THEO 279, Roman Catholicism (Tier 2 Theol Kn; xlist CATH 179)

 Double-Dipping Policy:

  1. Minors and interdisciplinary minors: not less than 8 credit hours in the individual student’s transcript must be unique to each minor; that is, the courses in question are considered as actually fulfilling requirements of one minor, not of more than one minor or major
  2. General exceptions to Rule 1 will be made if approved by the chairs/directors of the department(s)/program(s) housing each affected major and minor. A list of standing general exceptions will be maintained by the Dean's office.
  3. Individual student exceptions may be made in appropriate cases by department chairs and program directors.
  4. Departments and Programs may enforce stricter double-dipping policies than those stated above, which also should be provided to the Dean’s Office 

Fall course offerings: 

Spring course offerings: 


Summer course offerings:


*Click here for more information on the Summer ROST 370: International Internship: Focus on Rome Program.

The deadline to apply to the internship program for Fall 2018 is Friday June 15. 


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