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Daniella Karidi earned her Bachelor’s degree in special education and psychology from Tel Aviv University, Israel. As an undergrad, Daniella was involved in advocating and supporting students with disabilities. She completed a Master's degree with honors in learning disabilities from Haifa University, Israel where she became an assistive technology specialist and then managed the Adaptive Technology and Learning Lab. Over the next few years she was employed as a learning specialist and an assistive technology consultant. She then enrolled in a PhD program in the Communications Department at Northwestern University where her research focused on adults with attention disorders and their everyday memory challenges.

After graduation, Dr. Karidi founded and managed ADHDtime, working with adults and teens with attention disorder and executive function difficulties, as well as with their spouses, parents and teachers. She is also a mother of two children who keep her happy, busy and challenged. According to Daniella, parenting in today’s busy world has taught her a new appreciation for multitasking, time management and organization. Daniella is happy to lead the SSWD Team! Please be sure to introduce yourself to her when you stop by the office. 

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