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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to receive academic, meal plan, or housing accommodations, students must be registered with Student Accessibility Center (SAC). All requests for accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis by an Accessibility Specialist. Accommodations are individualized and flexible. Please follow this link to find more information on how to apply for registration with SAC. 

Students can register with SAC at any point during their academic career, but we strongly recommend that this process begin as early as possible. If a new incoming student is seeking accommodations related to housing, we strongly encourage them to complete the registration process before May 1. Any housing accommodation that is requested after May 1 may result in being put on a waitlist. Students seeking academic accommodations are encouraged to complete them prior to the beginning of the semester.

Student with a documented disability that includes an accommodation of emotional support animal can bring it to campus only after registering at SAC. In order to register, students must complete a registration form and provide documentation of their disability that details the impact it has on their functioning and documentation related to their animal. Once those steps are complete, students must meet with an Accessibility Specialist in order to review the accommodation request. Please follow this link for more information about requesting an Emotional Support Animal

It is important to note, that we do not require students with service animals to register with SAC, but we do encourage them to register with us. Contact SAC if you’re not sure if your animal is a service animal or an emotional support animal.

There is not a separate orientation for students with disabilities. Instead, the SAC staff recommend that you register for an early orientation session. To be clear, the reason there are not separate orientation sessions for students with disabilities is because the SAC staff is very careful not to single out these students. Instead, students are encouraged to register with SAC early so that accommodations can be made ahead of orientation.

There is not a special move-in day set aside for students with disabilities. Housing accommodations need to be addressed prior to move-in day. For housing accommodations, SAC must receive complete registration information and complete registration process with SAC by May 1st. Any housing accommodation that is requested after May 1 may result in being put on a waitlist.