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Placement Tests

Click this link for information about Placement Assessments at LUC. 

Students taking Placement Assessments may request accommodations due to their documented disability. Typical accommodations include but are not limited to: extended time, distraction reduced environment, private room, accessible desk, etc. 

Due to COVID-19, all placement assessments will be taken online. Students can make their own arrangements for many of the typical accommodations such as a distraction reduced environment or an accessible desk. For extended time accommodations: 

  • Math Placement - No time accommodations are necessary. The exam is written for 90 minutes; the time limit is extended to 180 minutes for all students.
  • Writing Placement - Please contact SAC@luc.edu to coordinate extended time at least one week prior to your testing date. 

In order to be considered for accommodations for the placement assessments, students must contact SAC@luc.edu at least one week in advance of their scheduled testing date. Students must provide documentation of the student’s disability or some record of a history of accommodations. Examples of appropriate documentation:

  • Individualized Education Plan
  • 504 Plan
  • Documentation from a high school regarding accommodations
  • Documentation from a qualified health professional  

Please note: Accommodations for the placement assessments are temporary accommodations;  accommodations are only applicable for these exams. In order to receive accommodations for the regular academic year, students must register with SAC. The formal registration process with SAC may require additional documentation of your disability. Information about how to register with SAC can be found here.