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Here are a few reminders to ensure that you start the next semester on a positive note:
  • Please remember to activate your accommodations. Click here for a copy of the form. You can return the form via email, fax, or dropped off in the SSWD Office. We encourage you to provide your faculty with accommodation letters during the first two weeks of class. Remember: accommodations are not active until you provide the letters to your faculty and they are not retroactive.You are only required to meet with your Disability Specialist if you’re interested in pursuing changes to your accommodations, otherwise, you are responsible for submitting the form, picking up your letters, and delivering them to faculty.
  • If you are approved for the accommodation of alternative textbooks, please click here for a copy textbook request form. You can return the form via email, fax, or dropped off in the SSWD Office. Please remember that this process takes time, so the sooner you submit your form the better!  
  • If you are approved the audio notetaking accommodation, please keep an eye out for more information closer to the start of the semester. Contact sswdnotetaking@luc.edu with any questions. Please click here for a link to the audio note taking form that your faculty will need to sign.
  • If you are approved for 1:1 tutoring, please email SSWDTutorRequests@luc.edu with the course name, section, and days and times that you are available for tutoring. The more availability you provide the easier it is to find you a match. Reach out as soon as possible so tutoring can start right away!
  • If you are interested in an academic coach,  please email SSWDTutorRequests@luc.edu with the days and times that you are available for academic coaching. Please click this link for more information on academic coaching.
 Please feel free to reach out to SSWD at 773-508-3700 or at SSWD@luc.edu if you have any questions. Please note that Loyola University Chicago will be closed on Monday, January 15th.