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Additional forms are required each semester for Note Taking, Alternative Text, and Attendance/Deadline Accommodations.

Note Taking

To use Sonocent, the audio note taking accommodation, please submit an email to sacnotetaking@luc.edu. Please note whether you are a new or returning user. Users will receive temporary access to the program; full access will be granted once you submit the completed Audio Note Taker Activation Form. As a reminder, notes are meant to be supplemental, and they do not exempt you from taking your own notes or attending class. The form is located in the Accommodate Resource Library.

Alternative Text

Please submit your Alternative Text request form to SAC@luc.edu. You will need to submit your receipts from purchasing your textbooks along with the form. Please remember that one of the most important details you need to include on your Alt Text request form is the 13- digit ISBN number. Please note that this process may take a few weeks, so it is in your best interest to submit this form early. In the event that we are unable to obtain an alternate format of your text, you will need to discuss an alternative method with staff. The form is located in the Accommodate Resource Library.

Attendance/Deadline Accommodations

Students approved for this accommodation must discuss a plan for implementation with their faculty. SAC staff is available to assist with this conversation. Students and faculty are required to complete the Attendance/Deadling Form and submit a copy to SAC in order for this accommodation to be active. The form is located in the Accommodate Resource Library.