Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

Division of Student Development

Student: Rosa Rodriquez


Major: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience; Pre-Med

As a commuter myself, I was looking for ways to get involved on campus. I saw the role of a Commuter Ambassador very beneficial for various reasons. For starters, I would be able to have an on-campus job, therefore, I would be spending more time on campus! I feel that many commuters shy themselves away from many opportunities Loyola has to offer and head straight home; I admit I was doing that as a freshman too. I also saw the CA role as a leadership position; Commuter Ambassadors hold integral responsibilities that allow the Commuter Student Life office to grow! 

I am a member of the Neuroscience Society as well as a member of one of the six Panhellenic sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha. As a freshman, I was a STARS mentee and an LUC Mentors mentee. These organizations have shaped build my community on campus. 

I’ve never attended a religious nor private institution, so the Jesuit education that Loyola provides has expanded my knowledge of various subjects such as Theology and Ethics. It has also given me a different perspective in the classroom and I’ve came to value my education a lot more because of our university message.

My favorite spot on campus is the Harry Potter Room, more formally known as the Donovan Reading Room, which is located in Cudahy library. I find myself heading there quite often when I have to pause my social life and study for exams or any task that requires silence.  

I highly encourage everyone to attend the Org Fairs! Loyola has over 200 student organizations and I bet that at least one organization will catch your attention. It is super important to feel apart of a community and find a home away from home.