Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

Division of Student Development

Student: Kristin Ramey

300 w x 200 v

Higher Education Master's Student
Started LUC: 2014

Born and raised in Kentucky, I quickly learned the important things in life- the Kentucky Derby, College Basketball, and Skyline Chili. Wanting to stay in Kentucky, I graduated from the University of Louisville (Go Cards!) in 2013. Following graduation, I served as a traveling Leadership Consultant for Sigma Kappa Sorority. Traveling to 22 states in a year made me realize that while Kentucky is great, so are other places! I knew I wanted to move to a big city and thankfully ended up in Chicago when I began the Higher Education graduate program.

While I don't know where I will be once I graduate from the Higher Education program, I know that my opportunities are endless due to the support I've found at Loyola. In the future, I plan to continue my work with students and am excited to see where it leads me!

The majority of my involvement with Loyola stems from my work as the Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations in the Student Activities & Greek Affairs office. Additionally, I am involved with the Higher Education Student Association (HESA) which serves students in the Higher Education program with social and professional development opportunities.

I am very fortunate to work with a staff that makes coming to work FUN.  They are definitely one of the reasons I love Loyola. Additionally, I have the opportunity to work with some incredible students and seeing their success in and out of the classroom leaves me with a smile on my face!

Through my work at Loyola, I am able to help student organizations plan and execute successful programming for the campus and community. Additionally, working with campus partners has allowed me to interact and impact a wide range of Loyola students that I may not have had the opportunity to meet and work with. Personally, I strive to participate in opportunities on campus that broaden my horizons and prepare me for life after graduation. Loyola's communities have so much to offer and I am fortunate to be able to utilize them daily in my professional development.

I love to explore all of the different communities within Chicago, especially by eating my way through them! There is nothing better than putting away your phone and getting lost with friends in the city.

My definition of justice has definitely changed since I began at Loyola.  In my current work, justice is doing everything in my power to make a better experience for the students I work with, all while recognizing the implications of my personal identities and the identities of those with whom I'm working.

Having attended a large, public institution for my undergraduate, it has been so empowering to come to a university that is so mission and values driven.  I love being able to see the values of the Jesuit faith impacting my work and the work of students on a day to day basis.

My favorite place on campus is definitely the lake.  When I first visited Loyola, I wasn't expecting the campus to be so beautiful considering it is in the middle of the 3rd largest city in the country.  It was such a pleasant surprise and when it's nice out, I find myself taking my lunch outside and enjoying it there.

Get involved on campus AND within the community.  Loyola and the city of Chicago have so much to offer and it should be taken advantage of it.  The more you put into your collegiate experience, the more you will get out of it!