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Division of Student Development


An active advisor can help shape a student leader and the course of a student organization towards reaching new heights of success. All student organization advisors are encouraged to understand the role and responsibilities of an advisor, and below are some resources that will help provide some foundational support for your journey.

ACPA Advisor Manual


Advisor Roles / Responsibilities Clarification Worksheet
The role of an advisor varies, but it is always an important one. This worksheet will help outline the expectations and responsibilities that our advisors will share with their respective student organization. Advisors have the opportunity to add much value to the experience that student organizations have, and this worksheet will assist in mapping out how that relationship will work throughout the academic year! Click on the link above for a PDF version.

Advising Style Inventory
Although advising offers a myriad of approaches to supporting student organizations, this worksheet will assess what style of advising is most prevalent for the advisor when opportunities arise. Use this worksheet to assist in identifying which advising style is your preference when supporting your student organization throughout the academic year. Click on the link above for a PDF version.

Advisor Self-Evaluation Checklist
Self-assessment is always helpful when evaluating the goals and relationship an advisor has while working with a student organization. Use this worksheet to help you determine what areas in your advising relationship you are excelling in and what areas you may need to spend some extra time on. Although no advisor is perfect, this worksheet will help you evaluate where your strengths lie and what areas you can improve on. Click on the link above for a PDF version.