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Welcome to the Registered Student Organizations (RSO) page! 

General students, we hope you can find and create a community here on campus through Registered Student Organizations. Registered Student Organizations, we hope you can ultilize Student Activities & Greek Affairs and Campus Activities Network as resources for you and your organization. On this page, you will find information about the categories of RSO. Each categories of RSO are also hyperlinked to their LUCommunity page, so you can browse the different organizations here at Loyola University Chicago.

As a brief introduction, RSOs are formed by currently enrolled students sharing a common goal or interest and have properly completed the necessary forms on time and agree to adhere to guidelines established by the University. RSOs are not directly connected or supported by a University department. RSOs are organized according to six different classifications:

Service/Spiritual Activities and membership involve primarily spiritual activities and/or development through volunteer and/or service projects.
Hobby/Special Interest Activities and membership center on a particular hobby and/or special interest area.
Political/Social Issues Organizations affiliated with local and/or national political bodies; activities and membership center on interest in a particular social issue or concern.
Cultural/Ethnic Activities and membership center on a particular ethnic or cultural group.
Academic/Honorary Activities and membership center on a particular academic or collegiate course of study or curriculum; organizations which select members on the basis of achievement in a particular academic discipline.
Media Student-operated publications which publish on a regular basis.


In the left taskbar, you will find information about Campus Activities Network, requirements for Registered Student Organizations, information about filing an event request, information about budget, and how to start a new organization.