Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

Division of Student Development

Directions for Registration Renewal

Here are the 3 registration renewal steps, once you're logged in as an Admin on your organization's LUCommunity portal:

1) Click "Manage Organization" in the top right corner of the page. 

2) Review your organization's constitution. Are there components that need updating, revision, or reconsideration? Now is the time to make those changes! Once you have adequately updated your organization's constitution for the coming year, click Re-Register this Organization to begin the process. Please keep in mind the constitution will then be accessible to you, SAGA, and organization members throughout the year.

3) Student organization Advisors are required to approve the Student Organization Advisor Agreement (included in the annual student organization registration form) in order to complete the process for annual registration. Student organization leaders are expected to connect with their listed advisor to ensure the advisor is willing and able to support the organization for the next academic year. Student Organization Advisor Agreement  approval must be noted PRIOR to the applicable deadline date to complete annual registration requirements and receive applicable incentives based on registration deadline date.

New Organization Application Timeline

Fall 2021 

  • 8/18 New Organization applications available  

  • 9/8 Applications due 

  • 9/9 An update will be sent to RSO regarding possible next steps  

  • 9/20 Presentation Panel  


Spring 2022  

  • 1/12 New Organization applications available  

  • 1/26 Applications due  

  • 1/27 An update will be sent to RSO regarding possible next steps  

  • 2/4 Presentation Panel