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Campus Activities Network

Here at Loyola University Chicago, the Campus Activities Network (CAN) is created to provide resources and guidance for you, as an engaged student leader, and your organization to thrive. Below is our mission statement. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Campus Activities Network (CAN) of Loyola University Chicago is to advocate, represent, and support the universities undergraduate registered student organizations. The Campus Activities Network will serve the collective interest of the Registered Student Organization community at Loyola University Chicago. CAN is the primary resource to answer any of your questions/concerns and provide trainings on organizational management. 


The two primary ways of contacting CAN are through email and Instagram.

Email: CAN@luc.edu

Instagram: can_luc

Valeria Toledo


Valeria joined the CAN team at Loyola University Chicago in September of 2020. She is originally from Ecuador and is bilingual. She is currently an undergrad student at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Political Science and Public relations in the Pre-Law track.

In her current role at Loyola University Chicago, Valeria helps and supports RSOs in scheduling events, advising, and problem-solving. In addition, Valeria hopes to assist students by creating a community and help them achieve their professional development goals throughout her time at CAN.
Valeria's other activities outside of work include working in the social justice program and spend time with friends!
Valeria's office hours are:

Monday: 9am-11am 

Tuesday: 12pm-2pm 

Wednesday: 9am-11am 

Thursday: 11am-1pm

Friday: 9am-11am


*Please note that, until further notice, all meetings have to be held virtually. If you plan to drop by during our office hours, do so by scheduling a zoom meeting with us first.

Have questions, comments, or concerns? The C.A.N. E-Board is here to help you out with anything SAGA-related!

Members of our CAN Executive Board host weekly office hours in the SAGA Office, Damen Student Center Suite 127. The office hours are listed under their introduction.

During office hours feel free to stop by with any questions you may have regarding your student organization. The CAN E-Board members can assist your student organization with the following information:

  • LUCommunity portal assistance/updates
  • Activity Request submissions
  • New Student Organization application
  • Student organization leadership transition help
  • General student organization questions

Email the Campus Activities Network E-Board at CAN@luc.edu to schedule an appointment for a zoom meeting.

RSOs are REQUIRED to have one representative to the monthly Campus Activities Network (CAN) General Body Meetings. Failure to attend a CAN General Body Meeting will result in the following penalties:

  • 1st missed General Body Meeting: Loss of Start-Up Funding for the current semester
  • 2nd missed General Body Meeting: A hold placed on allocated funding
  • 3rd missed General Body Meeting: Ineligibility to participate in Student Organization Fair
    • After 3rd missed meeting, the student organization must meet with the RSO Coordinator to regain privileges

ALL General Body Meetings will take place in a virtual setting for the fall semester. Dates are released on LUCommunity. Email us at can@luc.edu with questions.