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New Org Application Process

Recognition Process for Registered Student Organizations

Student Activities & Greek Affairs is responsible for the recognition of undergraduate student organizations. There are two types of Recognized Student Organizations at Loyola University Chicago: Registered or Sponsored.

Applications for both types of organizations are processed through Student Activities & Greek Affairs. This page is for Registered Student Organizations only. For Sponsored Student Organizations, please reference the "Sponsored Student Organizations" tab on the left side taskbar.

Registered Student Organizations

A Registered Student Organizations, or RSO, are formally recognized by the University and are originated out of student interest – they are not directly connected or supported by a University department. RSOs are formed by currently enrolled students sharing a common goal or interest and have properly completed the necessary forms on time and agree to adhere to guidelines established by the University.

Please refer the Student Handbook for the privileges, expectations and requirements of an RSO. 

Applications for RSOs are accepted at the beginning of each long academic semester. See below for more information on the upcoming deadlines. 

Elements for an application include but not limited to:

  • Name and email addresses of 5 LUC undergraduate students
    • All officers must be in good standing with the University to serve in position. Conduct checks will be conducted for organizations who are approved.
  • Name and email address of LUC faculty/staff advisor
  • Organization email address
    • Organizations will NOT be given a LUC.edu email address 
  • RSO Constitution 
  • Proposed summary of events
  • Organization Logo 

New Organization Application Timeline

Fall 2021

  • 08/18 New Organization applications available
  • 09/08 Applications due
  • 09/09 An update will be sent to organization regarding possible next steps
  • 09/20 Presentation Panel

Spring 2022

  • 01/12 New Organization applications available  
  • 01/26 Applications due  
  • 01/27 An update will be sent to organization regarding possible next steps  
  • 02/04 Presentation Panel