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An active, involved chapter advisor is essential to a successful chapter. The support, guidance and assistance given by advisors, provides continuity for chapters when collegiate members change from year to year. Advisors also serve as the vital link between the students, University, and Headquarters.

Each recognized social sorority/fraternity is required to designate a minimum of two (2) advisors.

One of the selected advisors must be a member of the Loyola faculty or staff, but is not required to be a member of the organization s/he advises. (Advisors who are not affiliated with the organization do not have to take part in private/ritual events; however the advisor must be aware of the events.)
The second advisor should be an alumnus of the sorority/fraternity, but should be at least two years removed from his/her undergraduate chapter experience [unless a specific exemption is granted by the Coordinator for Sorority & Fraternity Life in conjunction with the Inter/National organization.]

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Becoming a faculty/staff advisor is a simple process.

The first step is a genuine interest from both faculty/staff member and chapter in having a faculty/staff advisor to help the group and the individual members academically.
The second is a willingness to fulfill the role of a faculty/staff advisor listed below.
The final step in becoming a faculty/staff advisor is twofold: chapters, after consultation with their members, extend a written invitation to the faculty/staff member, and the faculty/staff member agrees to serve. This relationship may continue for more than the minimum time of one year, but such decision must be a mutual one.

Faculty Advisor Confirmation Form - to be completed by chapter and faculty/staff advisor each academic year.

The role of a faculty/staff advisor:

Assist the chapter in developing an overall scholarship program or enhancing the program already in place.
Meet at least twice a semester with the scholarship chair or president to talk about scholarship-related issues.
Assist with developing a scholarship recognition program for the chapter.
Assist the chapter in developing an academic incentives program.
Attend any scholarship receptions the chapter hosts.
Be available to meet with individual members who are in need of academic assistance.
Provide advice and guidance to chapter officers interested in involving faculty in programs, or ways of changing the faculty's perception of them as a student organization.

Faculty/staff advisors serve for one-year terms with a possible extension, based on a mutual agreement between the fraternity and sorority and the faculty/staff advisor.

Faculty/staff advisors are not expected to serve as the chapter advisor nor serve on the alumni board. (If they wish to serve in these positions that is possible, but it is not expected.)

Faculty/staff advisors are not on call nor are they responsible for the social aspects of the chapter.

Graduate/Alumni Advisor:

The advisor and student(s) should have an open, honest relationship and have the opportunity to share ideas, receive feedback, and build trust.

The role of the graduate/alumni advisor:

Attend most chapter meetings
Meet regularly with executive officers
Attend chapter advisor meetings scheduled by the Coordinator for Sorority & Fraternity Life
Meet with the Coordinator for Sorority & Fraternity Life once per academic year
Assist with chapter sponsored events and programs
Assist in preparation and regularly review chapter budgets, goals, and new member development program
Stay abreast of rules and regulations of the Inter/National organization
Maintain boundaries both with the students and at conferences

Resources for Advisors:

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