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File a Report

All members of the Loyola community as well as off-campus individuals are welcome to report alleged student misconduct to the university. All reports will be reviewed by a representative from the Student Activities & Greek Affairs or Student Conduct staff, and where potential violations of the Community Standards or Social Sorority & Fraternity Standards are found, a staff member will follow up on the report.

There are two options for submitting reports:

Incident Report: Although a person submitting a report is not required to provide any personal information, we HIGHLY recommend that you provide, at a minimum, an email address where you could be contacted.  This is especially important if there are follow up questions or responses that may be important or necessary.  If a reporter fails to provide any identifying or contact information, it may limit the University's ability to look into or fully respond to a situation.  The privacy of the person making a report, along with the contents of the complaint, will be maintained to the extent that the university conduct process allows. 

To best equip the University to respond to the incident, reports should...

  • Contain the name, phone number, and email address of the individual making the complaint
  • Contain a detailed, factual account of the behavior being reported (including date/time/location)
  • Include any documentation (uploaded to the report via Maxient) that is relevant to, or substantiates, the complaint

File an Incident Report: Students, Staff, Faculty, and Community Members

Ethics Point: Loyola University Chicago has implemented EthicsLine Reporting Hotline, through a third party internet & telephone hotline provider, to provide you with an automated and anonymous way to report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of Loyola University policy. You may file an anonymous report here on-line or by dialing 855-603-6988.

File an anonymous Report: Students, Staff, Faculty, and Community Members

Please note: Submission of a report does not automatically initiate conduct proceedings. A staff member will review the report in order to determine the appropriate action, which may include referral to other relevant and available campus resources.