Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

Division of Student Development

Directions for Registration Renewal

Here are the 4 registration renewal steps, once you're logged in as an Admin on your organization's LUCentral portal:

1) Click "People" in the main task bar > "All People" > "Administrators". There you will see (potentially former) e-board members. In this section, you should populate the students who will be on your organization's e-board in the coming year.

You can do this by searching from "All People", click a new e-board member's name, click "Manage" on the right, and check the "Administrators" line. Please also list what their title will be by clicking "Enter a title" on the right.

To remove any old e-board members, click their name and then "Manage" and un-check "Administrators".

2) Review your organization's constitution. Are there components that need updating, revision, or reconsideration? Now is the time to make those changes! Once you have adequately updated your organization's constitution for the coming year, upload the document to the "Files" section of your OrgSync portal. It will then be accessible to you, SAGA, and organization members throughout the year.

3) Click "Settings" in the main task bar, then choose "Update portal". This populates the first page of your profile information renewal. There will be a number of pages that you will need to update, each time clicking "Next" to proceed. The form will indicate when you have completed renewal. Important components here are: accurate contact info for the new e-board, uploading your updated constitution and your organization's updated roster (the roster should be cleared of member who are not returning and new members should be added), and listing your Advisor's information correctly.

4) Student organization Advisors are required to approve the OrgSync Student Organization Advisor Agreement (included in the annual student organization OrgSync registration form) in order to complete the process for annual registration. Student organization leaders are expected to connect with their listed advisor to ensure the advisor is willing and able to support the organization for the next academic year. OrgSync Student Organization Advisor Agreement  approval must be noted PRIOR to the applicable deadline date to complete annual registration requirements and receive applicable incentives based on registration deadline date.