Loyola University Chicago

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

Division of Student Development

Alcohol Policy & Guidelines

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO or SSO) may only sponsor events where alcohol is present under the following guidelines:

1. No alcohol may be purchased with SAF or organizational funds.
2. Student organizations are prohibited from hosting fundraising events with alcohol.
3. No student organization shall sell alcoholic beverages.
4. The cost of the alcoholic beverages may not be included in any admission, meal, or entertainment charge.
5. No student organization shall collect a cover charge, donation, or admission fee, which entitles a guest to alcoholic beverages.
6. No student organization may utilize alcoholic beverages as contest prizes.
7. Events involving alcohol must be closed events with a set guest list. Guest list must be submitted to SAGA no less than 3 business days prior to the event.
8. At any organization event involving alcohol, the sponsoring organization must designate a willing and sober representative that will remain present and sober for the duration of the event. The sober representative’s name and contact information must be submitted to SAGA at least 3 business days before the event.
9. Student organizations are prohibited from serving or selling alcohol to minors or purchasing alcohol for minors, and the organization must take reasonable precautions to prevent underage consumption of alcohol.
10. Sponsorship with corporations or businesses which produce, sell, or distribute alcoholic beverages is prohibited. 
11. Alcohol is absolutely prohibited at membership recruitment and new member activities.
12. Promotion and advertising materials may not include alcohol related messaging.
13. Student organizations must ensure that alcohol is not the focal point, the reason for, or the drawing card for an event.
14. Student organizations must provide food and non-alcoholic beverages when alcohol is present at an event.
15. All alcohol at events must be served by a licensed third party vendor (restaurant, hotel or similar operation).
16. On-campus events with alcohol must follow all applicable campus policies.

1) Start early! A contract will likely be involved, and contracts have a submission deadline of 4 weeks prior to the event date. Reach out to SAGA if you plan to have alcohol at your event. The office can help facilitate the process of having alcohol present while still maintaining University compliance.

2) Arrange for a third party vendor to facilitate alcohol sales at the event. The sale of alcohol must be a cash bar, wherein no organization money goes toward securing the presence or sale of alcohol. Aramark can be the third party vendor only if the event takes place in Mundelein (this is subject to change). The third party vendor should be checking the ID of any individual who would like to consume alcohol.

3) Submit a Student Organization Event Guest List form. As part of this form, you will need to designate a sober representative and upload a spreadsheet detailing the names and birthdates of each attendee.

4) Print your approved Activity Request Form, and keep the form on hand at the event.

It is a privilege to be a student organization that is recognized by Loyola University Chicago. Student organizations are expected to exercise good judgment in planning and promoting their activities; therefore, they are responsible for assuring compliance with procedures and policies as outlined in the Recognized Student Organization Handbook and the Community Standards. Additionally, when hosting an event or activity where alcoholic beverages may be served and/or consumed by individuals 21 and older it is expected that the Loyola University Chicago Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy be followed and enforced. All recognized student organizations are subject to the regulations concerning alcohol when hosting sponsored events on or off-campus. This includes any event an observer would associate with the student organization.

Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO):

When hosting an event or activity with alcohol, on or off-campus, it is the expectation that all SSOs coordinate activities with their sponsoring department or office and comply with the Loyola University Chicago Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. 

Registered Student Organizations (RSO):

It is the expectation that all RSOs register their activities through the Orgsync Activity Request Form at least 2 weeks before the event. When hosting an event or activity with alcohol, on or off-campus, RSOs must check the box on the Activity Request Form indicating alcohol will be present and follow the subsequent prompts in order to comply with the Loyola University Chicago Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. Additionally, RSOs are required to submit the set guest list (including name/birthdate of all attendees and designation of the organization’s sober representative) to SAGA at least 3 business days before the event. Please print out your approved Activity Request Form and have a copy on hand at the event; this will help avoid confusion or questioning of the event’s approval at the time of the event.