Loyola University Chicago

Student Academic Services

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The Division of Student Academic Services has developed the following priorities to advance the University’s Plan 2020:

Develop a comprehensive set of student success outcomes measures and process metrics for Student Academic Services.  The division will develop and deploy the resources and technology to gather information, measure key outcomes, and ensure identified student success outcomes for our programs of instruction, coordinated guidance, and personalized support.  

Increase the number of students and alumni effectively served by Student Academic Services programs and activities.  Strategies will include focusingon areas where capacity exists to engage more students by creatively deploying current resources.

Engage first-time-in-college students and new transfers in structured dialogue regarding issues critical to their successful transitions into and through the college experience.   Develop a common understanding and practice among Student Academic Services staff, faculty, and student paraprofessionals of effective methods of engagement.

Steward resources – human, financial, and physical – to maximize strategic student success outcomes.  Develop a plan to increase public and private support for Student Academic Services programs of instruction, coordinated guidance, and personalized support. 

Catalyze connecting resources and coordinating effort across organizational boundaries for the benefit of all students.  Pursue increased collaborative relationships with faculty, campus partners, and the community. 

Maximize opportunity for the underserved.  Social justice demands active investigation of ways to serve students on the margins of organizational structures to enable their full engagement and efforts towards success.