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Classroom Support

Look at the following resources to learn about the ways you can further enhance your classroom setting.

Classroom Support

  • Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy

    This office promotes excellence and faculty and pushes to give the best possible resources for their faculty. 

    They state that this office, "encourages excellence in teaching by facilitating the role of faculty in the formation of the student as a whole person.  The Center promotes the implementation of creative teaching strategies that reflect the intellectual, social and spiritual context of today's students."

    There are various ways for faculty to get involved!

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  • CEL, Libraries

    The CEL (Center of Experiental Learning) is providing various resources so faculty can further develop their classroom and make their content relate to the outside world. 

    They have created a new CEL Faculty Guide that demonstrates an integrated approach for faculty to build experiential learning into courses or curriculum.

    You can download the PDF here and contact the CEL team for consultations.

    The libraries also offer various resources for faculty if they want to readjust their content and learn more about the material they plan to teach. 


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