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Student Academic Services

Student Support

These resources can be used so students can handle their daily tasks at school more efficiently.

Student Support

  • SSWD: Services for Students with Disabilities 

    This service is created to help people who identify with a disability. 

    "Services for Students with Disabilities mission is to support, service, and empower Loyola University Chicago students with disabilities. SSWD is committed to providing support for students with disabilities through innovative services, programs, and partnerships."

    If you need help adjusting to the college life and are struggling and need accommodations for your disability feel free to contact the SSWD

  • Tutoring

    Loyola offers FREE tutoring for a broad range of subjects. If a student is struggling to understand certain material, they could schedule an appointment with a tutor and get their questions answered. 

    Tutoring is available both Fall and Spring semesters in the Water Tower Campus, Arrupe College, and Lake Shore Campus. 


    Need information or have concerns regarding your wellness. Reach out to us and we will address your concerns!

  • Mid Term Alerts

    Midterm alerts are sent out to inform the student if they are below the required passing grade. Faculty can send out midterm alerts to make the student aware of where they stand. We encourage faculty to arrange an appointment with the student to discuss their plan to be successful in the class. 

  • Writing Center

    The Writing Center is offered to help students and faculty further develop their writing skills and material. The Writing Center has very flexible hours and are open to help with diverse amounts of material. They have been well-trained and are sure to help you. 

  • Advising

    Advising is offered for all grade levels. You can arrange an appointment in the 2nd floor of the Sullivan            Center. 

  • ESL: English as a Second Language

    "International students who are interested in an intensive program that helps improve English language skills may want to consider Loyola's English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Any Loyola student may enroll in ESL courses. Students may also choose to apply to one of Loyola's degree programs after completing the ESL coursework.

    The ESL program is ideal for non-native English speakers. Courses are taught by experienced instructors, and students benefit from many hands-on learning opportunities."

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