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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Cura Scholars are able to live where they choose. We ask that in your first year in the Cura Scholars program that you attend your classes on a Chicago area campus. This means that studying abroad during the year would not allow you to fully participate in the research and development components.

Anyone who can best speak on your ability to be an active scholar in the program! This can mean reaching out to staff, faculty, supervisors, teaching assistants, anyone who you feel can best represent you. They do not have to be affiliated with Loyola!

Yes! In your Personal Essay, be sure to talk about what that would be and how Cura Scholars can help connect you to your research interests. We cannot make any faculty pairing guarantees, but it will be considered!

Yes! We require that scholars are undergraduate students of at least sophomore standing by the start of the fall semester. So, this means about 25-30 credit hours.

We plan to make scholar selections and faculty pairings later this semester. We will work to notify you by mid-April!