Loyola University Chicago

Community Service & Action

Division of Mission Integration

Student: Xander King

Name: Xander King
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Theology
Minor: Social Work


Where are you from?
Boulder, Colorado. 

What do you like to do? 

I like to play bass, read philosophy, and play sports or video games with my friends. 


How are you involved in Community Service & Action?
I am currently an L4C leader at Centero Romero.

Why do you engage in the Community?
I engage in the community,as I believe every human has value and deserves to experience joy and peace. As faulty socioeconomic structures and personal choices can hinder people’s ability to experience their worth, I feel it is my duty to provide my time and resources so that anyone in my community can live a good life.  

How do you envision living out our mission of building the greater good past your time at Loyola?
I intend to become an Army Chaplain after Loyola where I will serve the spiritual and emotional needs of soldiers and their families as they experience challenges and trials. 


How are you involved at Loyola outside of CSA?
Outside of CSA I am a leader in Agape campus ministry group, I’m in the Honors College, I work for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, and I am a part of Army ROTC.  

What advice would you give to an in-coming student at Loyola?
Take advantage of Loyola’s diverse student population to try things you haven’t before. I have gained a lot more perspective and made great friendships through showing up to public events for groups that I hadn’t even thought of in high school.