Loyola University Chicago

Community Service & Action

Division of Mission Integration


LUCserve offers student-led service and justice programs for all Loyola students. Through a series of programs, students can explore the breadth and depth of service through workshops, conversations, and activities.  

LUCserve programs are designed so that students will be: 

  • Immersed in the Loyola University culture of service   
  • Invited to explore social justice issues within Rogers Park and Edgewater  
  • Inspired to broaden their definition of service beyond direct service   
  • Ignited to sustain a habit of service   

Central to those goals are: 

  • Community Building among all Loyola students 
  • Student-Led Initiatives where CSA leaders engage and support fellow Ramblers 
  • Ongoing Community Connections that respect our long-standing collaborations  

More About LUCserve

LUCserve programs focus on various ways of serving (like advocacy and social justice dialogues) and on social justice issues. Each student-led committee focuses on a specific theme, but our programs will address intersecting issues such as economic and racial justice.

In spring 2022, the LUCserve committees will focus on:

Racial Justice

Food Insecurity

LUCserve is designed for you to join when you are able! Simply watch the schedule when classes are in session to see what events are coming up!