Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

2020-2021 Organizational Goals

Rooted in Loyola's values, SGLC's Organizational Goals were compiled with the assistance and input of SGLC's entire membership and were informed and inspired by the Black Cultural Center's In Support of Black Students action items, to which we are a co-signer (Updates to these action items as of 9/3/2020 found here) and by the student advocacy and protesting of Our Streets LUC. Furthermore, the structure of SGLC's goals were heavily influenced by the structure of the University's in-progress strategic plan

Our goals and our approach this year are also deeply informed by the worsening COVID-19 pandemic that continues to plague our communities and world. SGLC is operating fully remotely this term. Despite this, we have and will continue to advocate for student concerns at Loyola. Our medium may have changed, but our mission remains the same. 

Please note, this document is living and ever-growing as our members explore and accomplish initiatives throughout this term. 

2020-2021 Organizational Goals



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