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Here you will find a comprehensive list of resources for various issues or events that are currently affecting the Loyola community.

Building Community During COVID-19

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  • Listen to President Maddie Drescher speak about the student perspective for the Spring 2021 semester here.
  • Listen to Chief Health & Wellness Officer Raheyma Siddiqui speak about the student perspective for the Spring 2021 semester here.

Black Lives Matter Resources

Our Streets LUC Demands

How to Protest Safely During COVID-19

Black Cultural Center (BCC) Action Items

Riot Safety and Black History

Non-Citizen Protestors Information and Resources

Ways You Can Help

Black Lives Matter "Cheat Sheet"

Additional BLM Resources

"Bring the Fire: Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism Resources List"

Allyship Resources

Social Justice

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

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Mental Health Resources 

"Connecting while Disinfecting": A List of Wellness Center Resources Available During COVID-19.

Mental Health Chatlines and Helplines

Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources

BIPOC Mental Health Tool Kit

Latinx Mental Health Resources

Asian Mental Health Resources

Indigenous Mental Health Resources

Disparities in Health Care for Minority Populations

LGBTQIA+ Resources

If You Need Immediate Support

List of Support Hotlines

Questioning your Gender or Sexual Orientation

"If You’re Asking, ‘Am I Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Trans? Queer?’ Here’s a Start" - Article from The New York Times

 What is Compulsive Heterosexuality

What Does it Mean to Be Nonbinary? 

Coming Out 

The Coming-Out-Handbook for Young LGBTQ+ People by The Trevor Project

Coming Out: A Resource for LGBTQ+ Students by GLSEN

Coming Out at Work

Coming Out to your Doctor

Coming Out: Living Authentically as Transgender or Non-Binary

Coming Out: Living Authentically as Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual+

LGBTQ+ Latinx Resources

Coming Out: Living Authentically as LGBTQ Latinx Americans

LGBTQ+ BIPOC Resources

Coming Out: Living Authentically as Black LGBTQ People

Coming Out: Living Authentically as LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander Americans