Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Executive & Auxiliary

These are the positions SGLC offers. However, we are currently not seeking to fill any positions.

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Executive members must be free on Tuesdays from 4-7pm to attend Senate. 

Chief of Staff: The Chief of Staff (CoS) will work to ensure a positive and professional community within SGLC through engagement opportunities, leadership training, and resources for personal  development. Additionally, the CoS will work closely with the President and Vice President to develop internal retreats and events. (Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 6)

Chief Financial Officer: This student will be charged with maintaining the fiscal records of the SGLC in addition to overseeing and following all financial protocols stipulated by Student Activities and Greek Affairs. Students in this position need strong skills in organization, communication, and initiative.(Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 7)

 Chief Communications Officer: The individual serving in this position will lead the Communications team in its efforts to publish materials for the student body. This includes regularly updating the website, creating advertising materials, and crafting semesterly newsletters detailing the progress of SGLC. (Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 8)

Associate Communications Officer (2): The Associate Communications Officers will work closely with the Chief Communications Officer to create and promulgate advertising materials pertaining to the SGLC and its events. They will also assist with public relations and social media accounts. (Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 9)

Chief Sustainability Officer: This student will serve as a liaison between the SGLC and student environmental matters on campus. Whether it be policy suggestions or communication and mentorship, this student will offer an ever-evolving knowledge of sustainability issues as they affect and interact with colleges and universities. (Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 10)

Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer: The student serving in this capacity will be responsible for actively responding to and promoting endeavors of the students related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Additionally, this student will work in close partnership with Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (SDMA), the Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion, the Dreamer Committee, the Diversity Council of SDMA, and the Justice Committee of SGLC .(Chapter 4, Article 15, Section 13)

Attorney General: The individual serving in this role will play an active role within the Senate and the Judiciary. Namely, they will have thorough knowledge of the Articles of Governance, and will be able to answer questions regularly. Moreover, they will ensure the constitutionality of Senate. Additionally, the AG will serve as the party of representation for the SGLC when it comes to preparing cases for the Judicial Branch. (Chapter 6, Article 19, 4)

Secretary: The position of secretary ensures transparency and clarity within SGLC through strong record-keeping. In addition to preparing the minutes from each Senate meeting, the Secretary will also assist the Speaker and Attorney General should they need aid during a meeting with vote tallies or enforcement of parliamentary procedure. (Chapter 6, Article 19, Section 3)