Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

The Active Shooter Training Resolution

Co-sponsored by all Senators and passed unanimously by the Senate of Student Government of Loyola Chicago.

On Tuesday February 18th, the Senate passed the Active Shooter Training Resolution which was passed unanimously. Chiefly sponsored by Senator Sophie Yano, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, and Co-Sponsored by the entire Senate, this resolution calls on the University to implement a policy requiring Active Shooter training once a year for all Loyola students, faculty, and staff.
This training is currently required for all first-year students during the Fall semester but is not required for any other grade level or transfer students. Recognizing the gun violence epidemic in America today, Senator Yano adamantly believes that this training is vitally important to the safety of the Loyola community both on and off campus. Although she is graduating in May, SGLC has codified within our Organizational Goals a commitment to making sure students are prepared for Active Shooter situations on campus. 

Senator Sophie Yano, Chief Sponsor of the Active Shooter Training Resolution