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Recognizing Indigenous Peoples' Day

The Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) is proud to recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day. Introduced by The United Nations International Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Populations in the Americas in 1977, the holiday has gained attention and traction thanks to the tireless work of Indigenous activists from all over (Article on 1977 UN Conference). This has included mass protests, such as the 2015 Randall’s Island rally that 6,000 Indigenous and non-indigenous people attended to bring attention to Native Peoples across the Americas, and smaller scale operations in cities around the United States (Smithsonian). Chicago itself has been rich with activism. The Chi-Nations Youth Council has championed Chicago City Ordinance O2019-6976 to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day across all of Chicago (Chicago City Ordinance O2019-6976). Indigenous Peoples' Day is celebrated officially in Evanston already. Indigenous communities across the United States will gather to celebrate this holiday in a plethora of ways, like powwows, concerts, traditions dances, prayers, and more. The SGLC passed legislation in February of 2020 to recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, and to encourage the University to follow suit in an official way. Please check out our Instagram and Facebook for more background and information on this momentous holiday, as well as a live land recognition of the City of Chicago. You can view a recording of our Instagram live celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day or the live land recognition at the following Senate meeting below.


SGLC is proud to recognize October 12th as Indigenous Peoples' Day. It is a day to celebrate the diverse cultures, but also recognize issues affecting Indigenous People.