Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Adjunct Faculty Directory

School of Communication Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Office # E-mail
Ayesha Abouelazm Instructor 850.319.8807
Dr. Leslie Abramson Adjunct Professor
Gabrielle (Abby) Annala Adjunct Instructor
CLC 620 312.915.6948
Benjamin Bateman Adjunct Instructor
Christopher Batte Adjunct Faculty
Jeff Borden Adjunct Faculty
John R. Brooks, APR Adjunct Faculty
Alyssa Burns Adjunct Instructor
Haley Carlson Adjunct Instructor
John Carpenter Adjunct Instructor
Susan Castorino Adjunct Faculty
Gary Doyle Adjunct Faculty
Ed Forst Adjunct Faculty
Susan Geffen Adjunct Professor 312-925-5046
Peter Hawley Adjunct Faculty
Mary M. Hills, ANC, Six Sigma, IABC Fellow Adjunct Graduate Faculty
Business Principal, HeimannHills Marketing Group
Dodie Hofstetter Adjunct Professsor 312.307.2906
Gary Hoover Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Maher Adjunct Faculty
Randy Minkoff Adjunct Faculty
Jana O'Brien Principal, The Right Brain Consumer Consulting, LLC
Adjunct Instructor, Loyola University of Chicago
900B Lewis Towers 708.846.9415
L. Bobby Papoulias, Ed.D. Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Milan Pribisic Instructor Lewis Tower # 900 312.915.6548
Alexis Sarkisian Adjunct Faculty