Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

SOC Ambassadors

Ava Francesca Battocchio

Title/s:  Global Strategic Communication

Office #:  Graduate


External Webpage: http://afbat.co/


Ava Francesca Battocchio (B.A. ‘19, Advertising) is a second year graduate student and the inaugural student in the School of Communication’s first dual-degree program, BA Advertising & PR and MS Global Strategic Communication. In addition to being a SOC Ambassador, she is a member of the Graduate, Professional and Adult Student Council and will be working in the Rambler Success Program during the 2019-2010 academic year.

Ava’s mixed-methods research agenda blends socio-spatial perspective, communication theory, and political economy and centers on the relationship between advertising and ethics. As a Research Assistant under the guidance of Dr. Florence Chee, she works in the Social & Interactive Media Lab (SIMLab), which focuses on the in-depth study of social phenomena at the intersection of society and technology.  

Recently, she was accepted to present in a Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper (Poster) Session at this year’s Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Conference in the Advertising Division for work done under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Morris. Her paper, “Advertising and Ethics: Theme and Community Segregation on the CTA’s EL” was also awarded the ANA Educational Foundation’s Alfred J. Seaman Award for Best Undergraduate Essay on Advertising and Society. Additionally, Ava was quoted in Media Ethics Magazine, and nominated for the 2019 Gannon Center Award for Undergraduate Women’s Leadership for her work on #MeToo campaign awareness and research pertaining to social justice, feminism, public infrastructures, and technology industries.

In her free time, she volunteers as a public historian tour researcher and guide for local non-profit, Chicago for Chicagoans (http://www.chicagoforchicagoans.org/), a position which draws from her passion for “Grains and Trains” and mashes up transportation history, communication theory, and industrial heritage. She also sews a vintage-inspired, size-inclusive dress line, Timely Attire Co., and photographs industrial sites and hidden public spaces. 

Ava is committed to work that allows her to contribute to broader conversations in the intersections of human rights, ethics, public infrastructures, and technology industries.