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The Digital Media and Storytelling Graduate program has created an understanding of how to tell effective stories that engage an audience…learning how, why and when creates meaningful results. The program has challenged me to do more, to be a cut above the rest.      


This program has helped me recognize that the best stories are not always obvious. A good story has many moving parts, and it's about putting all those pieces together to make something great. 


I have made good friends and the professional networking has taken me to unimaginable places! I have discovered new possibilities, because I’m now equipped to tell stories… digitally!


I began the program with a graphic and web design background, and I’ve developed new skills in producing video and audio…I’ve learned not just how to physically create a story using different methods of media, but also how to really think about storytelling — what story am I telling, why am I telling it, and who will care about it? 


As an international student, I learned how another country tells important stories. The program will help me a lot with my creative work, whether in China or the United States.


I not only got to refine my narrative structure and video production skills during my time in this program, but I learned how to effectively tell a brand's story…I feel confident that I can walk into a creative agency or company and manage a brand's digital presence with excellent results to follow.

Photos by: Haley Labian