Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Global Strategic Communications Electives

Health Communication COMM 311
Special Events Planning COMM 312
Public Relations Cases COMM 314
Media Planning COMM 317
Public Relations Writing COMM 318
Public Service Communication COMM 320
Ad Campaigns COMM 321
Ad/PR Design COMM 329
Intermediate Ad Design  COMM 330
Search & Display Advertising COMM 336
Ad/PR Multimedia Commercial Production COMM 337
Special Topics in Ad/PR
Approved topics include: AI Advertising;
Digital Marketing; Social Media Advertising; Mobile Advertising;
Social Media & Issue Management. 
COMM 370
Special Topics in Communication Studies
Approved topics include: New Media Entrepreneurs
COMM 371
Media Relations COMM 375
Ad/PR Internship COMM 391
Communication Studies Internship COMM 393
Directed Study (in Ad/PR or Communication Studies) COMM 398
Topics in Global Strategic Communication* COMM 421
Global and Multicultural Audiences & Stakeholders COMM 422
Audiences and Distribution COMM 425
Digital Design COMM 430
Nonprofit Communication COMM 432
Corporate Communication COMM 433
Public Affairs and Issues Management COMM 435
Crisis and Risk Communication COMM 436
International Marketing (with permission) MARK 465

* May be repeated in a different city

Only after all DMST students have enrolled