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International Study and Immersion

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International study and immersion distinguish the M.S. in Global Strategic Communication program from other graduate programs in strategic communication, public relations, advertising and integrated marketing communication. We believe students benefit from firsthand exposure to how strategic communication is practiced around the world instead of just reading about it.

School of Communication faculty lead two‑week international study and immersion courses in China and London. Each Topics in Global Strategic Communication course provides three credit hours – the same as other graduate courses – compressed into two intensive and stimulating weeks filled with cultural insights and hands-on experiences.

One Topics in Global Strategic Communication course is offered in Beijing and Shanghai in the summer and another (on a different topic) takes place in London during winter break. Taking one Topics in Global Strategic Communication course is required. Students are also encouraged to take the course a second time in a different city as an elective. The two courses can be taken in different calendar years to accommodate working students with limited vacation.

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What Will You do During While Studying Abroad?

During previous study abroad courses, students:

  • Met with senior ad agency executives at J. Walter Thompson in Beijing and Publicis and BBDO Proximity in Shanghai.
  • Experienced virtual reality at Google’s London headquarters.
  • Hiked the Great Wall of China.
  • Learned first-hand about the latest strategies, creative ideas, digital technologies and social media unique to advertising in China.
  • Ate fish and chips on the street like native Londoners.  
  • Toured lifestyle shopping parks and discovered how global fashion brands such as H&M and Zara establish identities in Asia.
  • Learned about creativity from communication professionals at Saatchi and FCB Inferno in London.
  • Haggled for bargains at local Chinese markets, including the famous Silk Market in Beijing.
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