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Meet Sabrina Wottreng, owner and publicist of Sabrina Wottreng Public Relations

Meet Sabrina Wottreng, owner and publicist of Sabrina Wottreng Public Relations

Meet Sabrina Wottreng, owner and publicist of Sabrina Wottreng Public Relations. Having graduated in December of 2013 with her B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication (SOC), she fondly recalls the impact that SOC’s holistic culture had on her during her college career.

“For two semesters, I co-hosted a jazz radio show on WLUW with Don Heider. From stopping into then-AD/PR Director Herb Ritchell's office weekly to discuss my final project to co-hosting a jazz radio show with former Dean of the School of Communication, Don Heider, I made sure to take advantage of our access to faculty. These relationships allowed for continued connection to SOC students and alumni post-graduation. Having graduated eight years ago now, I still stay connected with SOC’s Advertising/PR staff, professors, and fellow classmates on LinkedIn and continue to develop my network.”

Having just celebrated a new group of winter graduates, we wanted to know how Sabrina tried to answer her calling post-graduation. So, we asked, and she answered: “Working for marketing and public relations agencies was not for me - and I tried a few. So, I founded my own public relations firm. Today, we prioritize working with female founders in male-dominated industries to help amplify their voices in crowded spaces. We're known for our B2B work, especially in commercial real estate. I've also built a team of working moms and entrepreneurs to support our book of business.”

Of course, answering the call is only part of the equation. How one answers the call is the other. Curiosity led us to probe Wottreng about her experience being career-ready and tackling the real world with passion and conviction, with special excitement to know how the Jesuit values of "care for the whole person," scholarship, or service has informed her work.

“As people continue to discuss the value of college, I always argue for the whole-person approach, which Loyola excels at. Without taking classes in anthropology, theology, history and other areas that are not communications- focused, I would not have had the opportunity to think, debate and learn about subjects that otherwise wouldn't have been on my radar. Today, I approach my work with generosity, curiosity, and integrity in mind. Because of these core values, Sabrina Wottreng Public Relations donates time and money to support organizations that empower women. We also have an annual scholarship with the School of Communication. To date, two SOC students have each received $2,000 from our firm, plus mentorship from me.”