Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Electives for Digital Media and Storytelling

Research/Critical Thinking
Special Topics in FDMD: Digital Media and the Environment COMM 299
Designing Media for Social Change COMM 309
Advertising/Public Relations
Special Events Planning COMM 312 
Corporate and Organizational Communication COMM 313
Public Relations Cases COMM 314
Media Planning COMM 317
Writing for Public Relations COMM 318
Public Service Communication COMM 320
Advertising Campaigns COMM 321
Search and Display Advertising COMM 336
AD/PR Multimedia Commercial Production COMM 337
Special Topics: Mobile Advertising COMM 370
Animation COMM 305
Screen Directing COMM 308
Virtual Reality: From Concepts to Practice COMM 333
Narrative Production COMM 338
Video Documentary COMM 339 
Newscasting and Producing COMM 358
Advanced Post-Production COMM 359
Visual Storytelling (2nd year only) COMM 371
Special Topics: Producing Virtual Reality COMM 374
Digital Cinema Practicum COMM 384
Project-based/Portfolio Building
Advanced Reporting COMM 315
Magazine Design and Production COMM 328
Programming for Film & Media: Festivals, TV & Digital COMM 357
Innovations in Digital Advertising: Nice & Cannes, France COMM 370
Digital Storytelling Abroad: Puerto Rico COMM 373
Journalism Internship COMM 392
Directed Study (first year only) COMM 398