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‌Loyola's School of Communication encourages students to be involved with their surrounding community and issues concerning social justice. Students research and develop story ideas, conduct interviews, take photos, design the website and hard copy editions, while striving to promote issues of social justice in Chicago.

Students in the COMM 315 Advanced Reporting class generate stories and photos every fall for the new edition. The following spring semester the COMM 328 Magazine Design and Production class design the print and online publication. The classes offer practical training for students interested in reporting for newspapers, TV and radio.

Mosaic 2018: The Mental Health Issue

Editors’ note

When deciding on a topic for this year’s Mosaic, my peers and I wanted to produce content about a topic that is relevant to both our lives and the world around us. We decided on mental health, because the issue affects every human.  

We learned so much. We approached mental health from as many angles as we could think of. We got to interview a vast number of people, from teachers to psychiatrists to journalists and television hosts. We researched statistics and data.  Most importantly, we listened. We heard the stories of those suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental issues.  And we heard from those who work to help others improve their mental health.  

This magazine was  a team effort. It would not be possible without the help of the students working tirelessly to create it, the professors Michel Limon and Jessica Brown guiding our way, and the subjects willing to share a piece of their lives with us.

Thank you,

Betsy Melin


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