Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Beta Rho Honors Society

Beta Rho is a chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association Undergraduate Honors Society.


Major or Minor: Communication Studies, Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, Advocacy and Social Change or Film and Digital Media Studies;

Complete: 45 hours of undergraduate study and 12 hours of Communication courses; and

Have at least: 3.25 cumulative GPA and 3.5 cumulative GPA in major

Beta Rho Mission

As the only active organization at Loyola University Chicago geared towards academically advanced communication majors, it stands as Beta Rho’s number one priority to recognize, foster and award those students who have pushed their talents and ability farther than that which is required from them. Beta Rho also serves the Loyola community by stimulating interest in the communication field, promoting members’ ideas; establishing and maintaining closer relationships and mutual understanding between faculty and members of the organization.

Upon graduation you will be decorated with a pin and handed a certificate to commemorate the completion of your career as a Communication honors student. You will have developed lasting relationships with fellow Beta Rhos, community members of Chicago, and business professionals. In essence, you will graduate already being immersed in Chicago’s communication community instead of simply being thrown into it.

What we do everyday

  • Beta Rho members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills not only within Loyola, but are quickly becoming recognized as leaders in the Rogers Park Chicago community as well.
  • We learn to cooperate, share responsibilities and take initiative within a climate of democratic decision making.
  • Members can see in very practical concrete manners, the positive outcomes of coordinated action.
  • We are constantly learning first-hand how collective action can impact living contexts.
  • We have the opportunity to apply our departmental mission of social justice, and come to experience the diversity of ways in which such a mission may be pursued and understood.
  • We have opportunity to meet and work with faculty from Communication and other disciplines, and to cooperate with diverse student organizations.
  • Many of us are developing stronger interests in the pursuit of graduate education
  • We are learning to deal with conflict, divergence of opinion, and different leadership styles.
  • We have stretched the traditional tenets and notions of Lambda Pi Eta farther to include concerns of social justice and being “persons for others” in addition to following closely that which Lambda Pi Eta has outlined in its constitution for the organization.


2016-2017 Leadership

President: Colleen Kenney ckenney1@luc.edu

Vice President: Patrice Pirpiris ppirpiris@luc.edu

Advisors: Kat Fraser