Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Ad Club

Ad Club is a professional club focusing on networking and immersing ourselves into the advertising industry. This year we have begun working with some of Loyola University’s organizations and creating advertisements for them, as well as making posters for various events and guest speakers on campus. In the past we have also entered the Yellow Pages competition, along with the Best New Ad competition. This year we plan to enter more competitions and even take a stab at creating television commercials! The organization will help build your resume, as well as your network. We definitely do a lot of creative work that you can add to your portfolio. We are welcoming to all, so come check out what Loyola Advertising Club is all about!

Ad Club Mission

Serve students interested in the world of advertising by establishing a diverse network of professionals within the industry and offering opportunities to transfer skills from the classroom to the professional world. We will also strive to help each student develop a better understanding of the industry. These goals will be accomplished by utilizing the vast resources that are available in Chicago.

Executive Board

President: Robert Gomez
Vice President: Kelsey Surla
Secretary: Kristen Walters
Social Media: Brenda Dorame

Contact Information: luc.adclub@gmail.com