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Loyola Celebrates 10th Annual Octoberfest

Loyola Celebrates 10th Annual Octoberfest

Faculty, staff and students gathered together after a staff meeting for the 10th Annual Octoberfest. The traditional bratwurst and beer was available to those who wanted it but guests could also enjoy a hamburger, macaroni and cheese or a variety of deserts.

Classes are in full swing but that doesn’t mean the School of Communication (SOC) is all work and no play. Students, faculty and staff gathered on the first floor of the SOC building for the 10th Annual Octoberfest. Guests enjoyed live music from an accordion player, food and refreshments to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the School of Communication and celebrate tradition.

“Octoberfest is my favorite event to mingle with both students and professors in an open setting provided by SOC. Plus, the food was great which made everything better” junior Advocacy and Social Change major, Mckenzie Carter said.

Octoberfest is Loyola’s spin on the a traditional German folk festival, Oktoberfest, which is now celebrated around the globe. It’s become the world’s largest Volksfest which is an event that usually combines a beer festival, wine festival and travel funfair. Germany’s Oktoberfest is celebrated by nearly 6 million people and lasts sixteen to eighteen days from mid to late September to the first weekend in October.

Each year, since the School of Communication’s opening in 2008, the festival has been celebrated with bratwurst, beer, folk music, and camaraderie. It’s a time to mingle with students, professors and even the dean. It’s one of the many ways students are able to interact with the school’s faculty and staff in a deeper way.

Senior Johnathan Folino, a senior advertising and public relations major, said that events like these are one of the reasons he switched over to the School of Communication in the first place. “They already do a lot compared to everyone else […] they make an effort to say ‘we have a good group of kids and we want to make sure they’re more involved’”

Octoberfest was the fourth event in the School of Communication’s 10th Anniversary ongoing celebration line-up. Students, professionals, staff, and professors can look forward to the 8th Annual Digital Ethics Symposium coming to Loyola on November 9th. More information can be found here.