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Go forth and set Streetwise on fire…figuratively speaking

Brittany Langmeyer
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism 2011 School of Communication Loyola University Chicago

By Lindsay Blauvelt, SOC Website Reporter

The final exams were done, the hats were tossed into the air and a fresh Loyola alumnus stood at the door to the real world, asking “What now?”

Brittany Langmeyer graduated in 2011 with a double major in theater and journalism and a double minor in political science and dance. With the diverse knowledge she had gathered, Langmeyer wasn’t sure which of her passions she should turn into a career.

“I had gained all these skills,” Langmeyer said. “I thought if I could do everything, then I had to be able to do any job I could find.”

‌After graduation she started at StreetWise, a magazine publication and a social service organization that offers employment and services to individuals without homes. She still hadn’t figured out exactly where she wanted to end up, but she said that her years at Loyola had impressed upon her a dedication to social justice.

Langmeyer said, “With all of our service learning at Loyola I think that helped me come to StreetWise and think I want to be an incredible professional, I want to be revered in my field but also I really want to help people when I do it. I want to use those things to help people.”

That’s precisely what she did. Since Langmeyer joined the StreetWise staff as the Director of Design and Marketing, the publication has become a leader in social media development amongst social justice tabloids. When she started, her job description didn’t include anything about promotion or digital media, but she recalled a class with Professor David Kamerer on new media and took some initiative.

“There’s something about the atmosphere at Loyola that made me want to take what they gave me and go learn more,” Langmeyer said. “They always challenged us to be extreme thinkers, so I did my research and decided that would be a great way to do some free marketing and teach people about StreetWise.”

Since she’s been at StreetWise, Langmeyer has decided that she wants to go into entertainment marketing where she can combine her love for theater with some of the communication skills she learned as a journalist. Whether she’s dancing, acting or writing, Langmeyer is committed to excellence.

She said, “We have to go out and be great and not just be great, but be great for others. It’s not just doing what you want to do, it’s doing it well. Do what you do to the best of your abilities and never let your best be enough. Keep pushing.”