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New Home for the Phoenix

New Home for the Phoenix

The newsroom of the Loyola Phoenix has a new home this year in room 009 in the School of Communication. Rather than two rooms as it was at Lake Shore, the Phoenix offices are in one large room providing a real newsroom feel. The students are enjoying an upgrade in equipment as well including 16 new Mac computers armed with the newest version of Adobe Creative Suite 6, a new printer, new SLR cameras and new video cameras.

This year’s staff came in with several goals for the Loyola Phoenix including bolstering their efforts in multimedia/web journalism. They’ve done more in a few weeks than prior Phoenix papers did in a year.

The three top editors at the Phoenix provide superior leadership. Devin MacDonald is the Editor-in-Chief, Emily Study, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Timmy Rose, Managing Editor lead a team of reporters, photographers, editors and more to provide a quality newspaper for the Loyola community. 

Any student interested in working for the publication can contact any of the above Phoenix editors.

The Phoenix is printed and delivered each Wednesday afternoon. Readers will find continuous news updates at LoyolaPhoenix.com